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Office movers at work
Your office-moving team from Powell Relocation Group follows a well-reasoned plan to maximize efficiency with minimal disruption to your operations.

Once the crew leader meets with your moving team, he will present a commercial-moving plan tailored to your specific needs. Before proceeding, you'll review the plan and the crew leader will address any concerns you may have. Important elements of the plan include:
- protective measures for floors, walls, and elevators;
- special provisions for fragile items, electronic equipment and artwork;
- which things may need to be emptied before moving;
- the best way to move larger plants.

Your crew leader will also discuss a contingency plan in the event of a power outage, elevator failure, or other unforeseen problem. Our office-moving experience enables us to adapt quickly to changing conditions and find an efficient solution.

Office & Industrial Moves: your commercial moving specialists                                               

When you are faced with a commercial moving project, there is no office or industrial move is too big or too small for Powell Relocation Group. Our office movers provide everything for a successful transition. Whether you need to relocate a few rooms or a complex of buildings, you'll experience minimal interruption to your operations. Each year we move thousands of square feet of freestanding furniture, systems, cubical work stations, computer equipment, file rooms, and many other high value products.

While some office-moving companies start with a two-wheeler, we believe a well-reasoned plan is of primary importance. Our crew leader will walk through your building and survey the work to be done. He will speak with your relocation team or coordinator to understand the requirements of every department.

Planning the work and working the plan

Your approval of the commercial-moving plan is the green light for work to begin. As we proceed, you'll notice an efficient and well-coordinated approach. Our office movers will:

  • Obtain required permits or authorizations to perform the work.
  • Assign color codes to the new areas for the placement of items.
  • Post a floor plan where it is convenient for workers to reference.
  • Secure entrances and elevators for use during loading and unloading.
  • Provide storage options and arrange for delivery of stored items later.
  • Perform clean-up and finishing services according to the commercial-moving plan.

If you need help packing, our personnel are highly experienced in packing computers, artwork and libraries. We have special custom-built shelving carts for moving libraries, file rooms, etc. Of course, anything we pack, we will unpack at destination and place it in its proper location. We act according to your schedule, whether regular hours, after hours, weekends or holidays. Our office movers bring clean, well-maintained equipment for reliable service.

Once the pre-planning and packing have been successfully completed, the physical move to your new location will be handled in a precise, efficient manner. Because Powell has a large crew of experienced movers, we are able to move large office areas in short periods of time. We always provide sufficient supervisory personnel on all jobs to answer questions and keep the flow going. What's more, you can trust the quality of our packers and loaders. All crew members undergo thorough background checks. Other office-moving companies may not provide this assurance.

As the furniture and equipment arrive at the new location, it is placed according to your floor plan. When your employees return to work, their offices will be ready for business. What this means to you is no interruptions and no down time.

We handle quick, small office moves and larger office moves

Powell Relocation Group handles many small last minute moves every week. Because of our large staff of full-time experienced movers, we can respond quickly and efficiently to any short notice office and industrial move.

Our office relocation consultants have an average of 25 years experience in estimating, planning and coordinating office and industrial moves. This will assure you that when you call Powell Relocation Group for an estimate and consultation, you will get straightforward, experienced advice at no cost or obligation. Our team of professionals will take the guesswork and worry out of your commercial moving project. We can design and implement flowcharts to ensure a move free of complications and with minimum downtime to the company.

Appropriate truck size and the right moving equipment

Our relocation consultant will determine what size trucks will be required for your move. If origin and destination will allow for a semi, and your move is large enough, Powell will provide just that. We can expedite your move this way by using our roll on, roll off method.

Many moving companies will send small trucks and their movers will take more time to load and unload because they will need to stack furniture and equipment as well as double handle all items on and off the carts. This will result in additional man-hours and higher costs.

Our relocation consultant will also determine how many 4 wheel dollies, 2 wheel dollies, panel carts, speed packs, shelving carts, pop-up totes, etc. will be needed to expedite your office relocation. This is the key to keeping the cost down! Powell has a large inventory of special office moving equipment and will make sure we assign and provide you with the right equipment for your relocation.

Many moving companies will not provide enough equipment for the job which means double handling of furniture, boxes and equipment, again, resulting in additional man-hours and higher costs.

Warehousing and storage options for you

When you need short- or long-term storage, Powell Relocation Group offers choices off-site and on-site. In addition to space in our own secure warehouses, we can provide safe storage in Atlas agency warehouses at 500 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

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