Houston office movers – from quick and small to large and planned projects.

Pow­ell pro­fes­sion­al office movers han­dle many small, last minute projects every week in the Hous­ton area. Our large staff of full-time expe­ri­enced movers can respond quick­ly and effi­cient­ly to any short notice office or indus­tri­al move.

For poten­tial­ly com­plex and larg­er office relo­ca­tions, Pow­ell relo­ca­tion con­sul­tants man­age your requests and objec­tives. With an aver­age 25 years of expe­ri­ence, our office move con­sul­tants are expe­ri­enced esti­ma­tors, plan­ners and coor­di­na­tors. As an inter­state mov­ing com­pa­ny, going across state lines is also well with­in our capabilities.

When you con­tact Pow­ell Relo­ca­tion Group, you will get straight­for­ward, expe­ri­enced advice at no cost or oblig­a­tion. We’ll take the guess­work and wor­ry out of your office mov­ing project. We can design and imple­ment a move to min­i­mize the down­time for your com­pa­ny. Con­tact us today to dis­cuss your office mov­ing needs.

Planning the office move – working with your team.

We know that an office move plan is the first step. We meet your relo­ca­tion team or coor­di­na­tor to dis­cov­er the mov­ing require­ments of every depart­ment. Our crew lead­ers will walk through your offices and sur­vey the details of the move.

The plans is designed to get your staff com­fort­able and back to work in the short­est peri­od pos­si­ble. You have com­plete con­trol. Only when you approve the plan do we begin. And, we act accord­ing to your sched­ule, whether reg­u­lar hours, after hours, week­ends or hol­i­days. Our office relo­ca­tion pro­fes­sion­als will:

  • Obtain required per­mits or autho­riza­tions to per­form the work.
  • Assign col­or codes to the new areas for the place­ment of items.
  • Post a floor plan where it is con­ve­nient for work­ers to reference.
  • Secure entrances and ele­va­tors for use dur­ing load­ing and unloading.
  • Pro­vide stor­age options and arrange for deliv­ery of stored items later.

Packing for computers, libraries, desk contents.

Our Hous­ton office mov­ing per­son­nel are high­ly expe­ri­enced in pack­ing com­put­ers, art­work and libraries. Cus­tom-built shelv­ing carts for mov­ing libraries, file rooms, even desk con­tents, are a time-sav­ing part of pack­ing. We will unpack at des­ti­na­tion and place it in its prop­er loca­tion, too. Our office movers bring clean, well-main­tained equip­ment for reli­able service.

Background-checked crews, professional supervisors.

All Hous­ton crew mem­bers under­go thor­ough back­ground checks. Super­vi­so­ry per­son­nel are onsite dur­ing every hour of the move to answer ques­tions from you or the mov­ing crew.

When fur­ni­ture and equip­ment arrives at the new loca­tion, it is unpacked and placed accord­ing to your floor plan. Your employ­ees return to work with every­thing ready for business.

Managing costs – assigning the rights trucks and equipment.

Your con­sul­tant deter­mines what size trucks are required for your office move. If a move is large enough for semi-trail­ers, and if ori­gin and des­ti­na­tion cir­cum­stances allow it, Pow­ell will pro­vide them. Using the right-sized equip­ment is a vital part of expe­dit­ing your move.

Our cost-con­scious plan­ning even includes deter­min­ing how many 4 wheel dol­lies, 2 wheel dol­lies, pan­el carts, speed packs, shelv­ing carts, pop-up totes, etc. are best-suit­ed to your office relo­ca­tion. We have a large inven­to­ry of spe­cial equip­ment and will make sure we assign and pro­vide you with the right pieces.

Warehousing and storage options

Pow­ell Relo­ca­tion Group offers choic­es in the for short- or long-term stor­age in the Hous­ton area, in ware­hous­es that we own and man­age. Through­out North Amer­i­ca, we also have access to 600 secure ware­house loca­tions in the Atlas® network.

Con­tact us about your office move at 800–444-6430