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Houston Long-Distance Moving

Long-distance moving, or “Interstate Moving,” is a potentially complicated and stressful event. If you’ve ever done it before, you know that. To move properly and avoid the surprises that can come over a long distance, you want a team of long-distance moving professionals with the right experience, the right network, and who have proved themselves many times.

Nationwide moving network: Powell and Atlas Van Lines.

When you move across state lines with Powell Relocation Group, you are moving with Powell and Atlas Van Lines – two of the most-used and most trusted names in long distance moving. There are some simple reasons why our long-distance moving team keeps its reputation for quality.

  • The entire network of Atlas Agents, over 400 locations in the United States and Canada, are all certified as an AMSA ProMover, the highest designation given by the American Moving & Storage Association. When you move with Powell, every member of the crew you work with at your current home and your new home is from Atlas, with ProMover certified quality.
  • Among Atlas Agents, Powell stands apart. We’re honored with the highest moving awards annually for commitment to moving quality. Powell receives these recognitions from Atlas and from one of the largest buyers of long-distance services in the world, Cartus®, among others.
  • The Self-Haul Advantage. Atlas Van Lines is among the only van line network that practices “Self Haul.” What that means to you is that the same driver who supervises your moving crews in Houston stays with your move all the way to your new destination. Your driver is the caretaker of your belongings, and vitally important to the overall success of your move.
  • The Powell Relocation Group Professional Driver. A Powell driver does much more than simply drive a truck from here to there. Your driver is the supervisor of the crews at both ends of your move. He, or she, works closely with your dedicated customer service rep, and Is the on-site manager of your move.

The long-distance movers on your Houston team.

Account Representative

One of your initial contacts with Powell. This person can provide your long-distance moving quote.

Dedicated Customer Service Rep (CSR)

Your dedicated point of contact for details and questions about your move.

Professional Driver (also known as a PVO, Professional Van Operator)

The supervisor of the packers, unpackers and loaders who are on-site at your home. Also, he or she is the caretaker of your belongings when they are on the road.

Packers and Unpackers

Background-checked team members who pack and/or unpack your belongings per Powell and Atlas standards. They are your first is your first line of defense against damaged items.


This team is also a background-checked set of professionals who load, and track, all items on and off of the moving van and into your new home.