Experienced Move Management in Houston and beyond.

After decades of experience in managing hundreds of thousands of moves in and out of Houston, and throughout North America, Powell has gained the move management skills that can improve your relocation program. We audit the proper criteria for comparing the carriers in your program. We know where inefficiencies can hide.

We also manage shipment allocations to your carriers – by performance measurement, by your desired shipment allocation among several suppliers, or by lane and capacity. Contact us today to discuss your move management needs.

Transportation auditing and reporting.

We audit and reported on our own relocations. We have for years. We’ve built the technology to collect and read the data. Carrier performance measurement on several criteria, and post-move evaluations from transferees, provide the foundation of our easy-to-understand transportation reporting format.

Allocating transportation carriers.

Whether your shipments are local to the Houston are or anywhere across the United States, we can manage your program. Do you have shipment allocation targets you want to hit among several providers? Or, do you want a performance-based transportation allocation? We can also assign approved carriers based on the lane you need and the capacity available. Powell will manage your program the way you wish.

We can tailor move management to your needs.

We’re able to tailor our service to meet only what you are looking for. Our move management services include:

  • Transportation Auditing and Reporting
  • Multiple Carrier Management
  • Service Provider Onboarding
  • Relocation Policy Compliance
  • Relocation Policy Consulting
  • Shipment Allocation

Contact us to begin move management at 800-444-6430