Grand Rapids warehousing

For long-term or short-term stor­age and ware­hous­ing in Grand Rapids, our facil­i­ty offers 60,000 square feet of secure, cli­mate con­trolled space. Every square foot is cov­ered by elec­tron­ic secu­ri­ty and inte­grat­ed fire pro­tec­tion. While we ware­house a vari­ety of goods for cus­tomers, our ware­house is secure and con­trolled enough to be suit­able for fine arts, antiques and col­lectibles. Our Grand Rapids facil­i­ty features:

  • Video secu­ri­ty and mon­i­tor­ing systems.
  • Autho­rized access only.
  • Smoke and fire detec­tion and suppression.
  • Air con­di­tioned, cli­mate & humid­i­ty controls.

Warehouse inventory management system

Your Inven­to­ry data is cap­tured and bar cod­ed as soon as it enter our Grand Rapids facil­i­ty. The where­abouts of your items are nev­er in ques­tion. We doc­u­ment the arrival, loca­tion and depar­ture of your goods in our ware­house. We can pull the items quick­ly, pro­vide an elec­tron­ic inven­to­ry sta­tus on demand, or pro­vide web access so that you can track your inven­to­ry. In most cas­es, we can pull and ship an item on the same day, as part of your dis­tri­b­u­tion plan.

Our Grand Rapids facil­i­ty is ide­al for:

  • Store fix­tures
  • Com­mer­cial fur­ni­ture and restau­rant equipment
  • Med­ical equipment
  • Elec­tron­ics
  • House­hold Goods
  • Fine arts and antiques
  • Records Stor­age

600 warehousing locations across the United States and Canada

In three regions of the Unit­ed States, we own and man­age our ware­house space. In Grand Rapids, we’re ide­al­ly locat­ed to serve the upper Mid­west. Our Hous­ton loca­tion give us time­ly access to Texas and the South­ern States. Our West Vir­ginia loca­tion puts in a good posi­tion to cov­er the Atlantic coast and East­ern Ken­tucky and South­ern Ohio.

And, as a Agent for Atlas® Van Lines, we’re part of 600-ware­house loca­tion net­work through­out North Amer­i­ca. Atlas Agent facil­i­ties are con­tin­u­ous­ly mon­i­tored, and must meet the Atlas stan­dard for secu­ri­ty and per­for­mance. We can iden­ti­fy which loca­tions are cli­mate con­trolled. Pow­ell cus­tomers store their items from coast to coast with the assur­ance of secu­ri­ty, fast response and on-time deliv­er­ies. Atlas ware­hous­es are par­tic­u­lar­ly effi­cient parts of a sup­ply chain that requires timed-deliv­er­ies and local white-glove service.

Global warehousing and distribution

We’re part of the Atlas® Logis­tics net­work that con­nects with thou­sands of car­ri­ers and ware­house loca­tions in the U.S. and Cana­da, and more than 300 Atlas-approved inter­na­tion­al part­ner net­works around the globe for ground, air, sea and inter­modal trans­porta­tion. A pro­gram that orig­i­nates from your place of busi­ness, includ­ing Grand Rapids, can reach as far you need it to, with the qual­i­ty con­trol and secu­ri­ty of Atlas and Atlas-approved part­ners. Con­tact us now about ware­hous­ing, in Grand Rapids or glob­al ware­hous­ing and distribution.