From begin­ning to end, every­one that I worked with at Walk­er and Pow­ell was incred­i­ble. Kirsten was incred­i­bly sup­port­ive and a joy to work with. From day one, I was made to feel like fam­i­ly. Not only were all my tim­ing con­cerns han­dled with grace, but every oth­er con­cern I had relat­ed to mov­ing across the coun­try was tak­en care of. Work­ing with Kirsten, she made sure every­thing was packed and loaded on a day that would ensure that my pos­ses­sions arrived at my new home the same day I did. She also orga­nized the trans­porta­tion of my truck which was some­thing I’ve had to arrange in the past and it was­n’t easy. When pack and load day came clos­er, I was sent a bio telling me who my van oper­a­tor would be. The morn­ing of the pack­ing and load­ing Chris was on time and polite. He walked through my house with me to make sure every­body was on the same page. He also made sure every­thing was packed per­fect­ly and loaded onto the truck. It was an all day ordeal but he was an absolute joy to work with. Every step of the way I felt cared for sup­port­ed and under­stood. After the relo­ca­tion was com­plete Pow­ell & Walk­er checked in on me to make sure every­thing was okay. They did­n’t just drop off the face of the Earth once the move was done. Mov­ing can be an incred­i­bly stress­ful time but every­body at Pow­ell & Walk­er made my move so much eas­i­er than any of my moves have ever been. Thank you to the incred­i­ble team they have work­ing there. I will for­ev­er be grate­ful for them and would rec­om­mend them in a heartbeat.