Dear Sirs, Recently your company moved me from Dothan, Alabama to Chattanooga, TN. It was an exceptional experience and I would recommend your company to others. The driver and his crew were great and courteous and made me feel useless. All they would allow me and my wife to do was sit around and watch. If I picked up a box or anything they quickly were on the scene to carry it for me even though I just wanted to do something. They worked hard from the time they arrived every morning until after dark each night. Overall I was very impressed with them. This team deserves an atta-boy at the least if not more. I look forward to completing a customer satisfaction survey for this job. Thanks. - John Tillery, Advanced Quality Engineer, Roper Corporation

Dawn! Things went great with the move! The guys were fantastic, professional and fast!!! Great experience, great move and we love it down here!!! Hats off to y'all and let them know that I said so! Thank you again!!! - Derek Weaver, SDR

Mrs. Jacquay-Bond, I just wanted to write to you and thank you for helping me out with my move. The two movers that were sent out to my location came, packed my stuff in 2 hours, and arrived on location the next day a short 6 hours after I arrived. I do not remember the names of my movers (I do remember that they were from the Grand Rapids area), but they were two of the friendliest most professional people I have ever dealt with. I just wanted you to pass along another thank you to them, and I hope they get the recognition they deserve for the awesome work they did. Thank you. - Norbert Wroblewski 

Hi Mark, This is Craig Conti from GE. I recently completed a move with Angela's help. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that she was excellent. I have moved 7 times with the company so I am speaking from experience here ... she was by far the best logistics coordinator I have had. She was ultra responsive, contacted me nights & weekends to ensure a smooth move and essentially met every request that I had, no matter how late I came with it. I was very impressed, I hope you pass this along to her as well as realize her adeptness at her job. Truly outstanding. - Craig 

Good afternoon! I had to write you a quick email to let you know what an amazing job our moving guys did for us! Brian was a great crew leader, very respectful, and very organized! The crew was very nice and respectful as well. As they were unloading, they were all very attentive to where things went and how they should be placed. We understand it was lots of added effort shuttling our load, but they all appeared to do it with a smile! Our garage and storage rooms have the appearance of owners who have gone in and organized them on their own. I can't begin to tell you what it means to us that they took the time to place our boxes/totes/items in such an organized and respectful way, versus just loading/dropping it into a space and walking away. Many thanks again for all of the combined and coordinated efforts in making this move as seamless and pleasurable as possible! Sincerely, - Kevin and Susan Bachmann 

Kristi, I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and let you know how pleased Heather and I were with the move experience. Tim, Shane, Nabor, and Horhay (spelling?) did a great job and were extremely helpful and easy to work with.  It was nice to see a group work so hard and still joke around and keep things light. Please let them know how much we appreciated their help. I would recommend your services to anyone who needs to move. - Kenneth C. DeGraff 

Good Morning Kristi, The movers did an excellent job at my Alabama home packing and moving our belongings. The closing of the sale of the house also finished yesterday and I am proceeding with the purchase of a new house. Jerry and Brian (your two employees) are very nice and helpful. If they can be scheduled to deliver the stuff that would be nice. Thanks. - Robert M. Sterner 

Hi Kristi, I wanted to let you know that Julia and Sean Steinke were very pleased with Powell's service. Julia said Powell was fantastic, very accommodating and the driver even put their fichus plant in the cab of his truck! They were very pleased with the level of service they received! Great, great job! Thank you and Happy Holidays! - Diana D., Physician Recruitment, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Dear Sirs, Recently our family was relocated from Portage, Michigan to Fountainville, Pennsylvania with the Kellogg Company. We would like to commend Jerry Keralla and his team for a superb job! His professionalism and attentiveness to detail is matchless. The dates of the move and delivery were days with horrible weather conditions. That did not sway Mr. Keralla and his team from arriving on time and getting every single piece of the content of our home packed and moved without one scratch! We have moved five times and this has not always been the case. Thanks for sending us one of the best moving teams in the country! - Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scott Sr.